Overlays 2016 | vol. 1

About “OVERLAYS 2016 | VOL. 1”

In a world where much of what occupies our minds distracts us from seeing the present moment, I seek to redefine the narrative of our existence by focusing on what is happening in this instant, the now.

These pictures speak the visual language of the documentary tradition. However, the focus of the imagery is neither event-driven nor subject-specific; there’s no agenda, no linear narrative. Instead, the photographs document being present; they are evidence of a full engagement with the reality of what I see.

In this group of prints, I push the formal aspects of photography with the intent to better convey the sense of that presence as I perceived it, which is neither still image nor moving picture. It’s something else. Using the overlay technique, the images are not simple collages, but rather, a compressed series of impressions. While the choice of subject is completely intuitive and in-the-moment, this technique employs a series of deliberate decisions involving the classic painterly concerns of line, form, color, texture, and balance. This synthesis of classical sensibility and controlled digital technology results in pictures that are at once evocative of both presence and memory.

Purchase prints

Price and size are listed with each image.
Each image will be printed as an edition of 10, signed and numbered.
Once the terminal print (10/10) of a particular image is made, no more prints of that image will be made.

About the prints

All prints are on 100% cotton-rag 300 weight paper and printed with 200 year + archival inks. Please note that common sense should be exercised when displaying the prints. For maximum protection, frame behind UV glass and hang in an area away from sunlight.

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