“Dearly beloved…”

Among artists particularly––people who know the ecstasy of touching the invisible and making it tangible, as well as the vertigo of not standing on the solid ground of convention and acceptability as they reach for the unseen and unheard––there’s been a flood of tributes for this transcendent genius.

This interview in Rolling Stone from Paul Westerberg underscores the awe in which Prince was held by his fellow musicians.
From the interview (definitely worth reading)…
Westerberg: “Hey, what’s up?”
Prince: “Life.”

Like Bowie, for Prince it was always forward, no hesitation.
His Purpleness colors the air today.

McCleary_160111_5765-5768_prince as Smart Object-1_2000px
42nd Street, New York City    9:20pm   January 11, 2016 : edited April 21, 2016

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