Roadside poetry

It’s not conscious or deliberate; it’s not created with poetic intention. It’s just there, an artifact from the real world.

We actually turned the car around to go back and get this one:

Lamb ‘n mutton
Cut ‘n wrapped

It’s got cadence – lamb ‘n mutton – a rich sequence of round consonants and soft, humming, roof-of-the-mouth “n”s.
It’s crisp and sharp –cut ‘n wrapped – you say the “cut ‘n” like you’d say “cotton”, attack the “C” but slur the “t”.

Lamb ‘n mutton
Cut ‘n wrapped

And there it is on the side of the road for everyone to see – pure, unadorned, unassuming – like a fossil lying in the dirt that, until it was noticed, was just another rock.

McCleary_150912_2742_ v2_border
On Route 24 near Loa, Utah     September 12, 2015

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