Upstairs / downstairs

The New York City subway is like no other, an embodiment of the city itself. Gritty and unadorned, genuine and so real, never standing on ceremony; it’s efficient and gets right to the point. No wasted words, no wasted effort.

Times Square is also like no other, a very different embodiment of NYC. Everywhere you look is screaming for your attention, but with nothing substantive to say. It’s a playground, a canvas, a stage. A place to see and be seen with the 24/7 buzz of caffeinated energy.

There’s enough raw material there for a lifetime of image-making. It’s a magnet; I’m heading back soon…

59th Street & Lexington Avenue station, New York City     February 2, 2015

47th Street & Broadway, New York City     February 3, 2015

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