We walk through vapor

We walk through vapor that permeates the atmosphere. It casts a spell in which reality is heightened; connections are clear; we’re anchored to moments as they evolve from one to the next to the next. We stand in the wind of that vapor inhaling moments like sperm whales vacuuming up krill. When the spell is broken and we look back, it seems it was nothing less than magic.

What was that?
How do I get there again?
Did you see what I saw?
After all, I wasn’t in front of something obviously awe-inspiring like national park grandeur. I was just standing on the subway.

The vapor is always there. Sometimes we’re aware of it, most of the time we’re somewhere else. As for me, I can go days and weeks oblivious to its existence. But when I’m in it, I’m mesmerized, closer to the fact of the moment than at any other time. Only during periods of clarity and full presence do I have a chance of seeing it.

Art is in the vapor.
Or, perhaps, it is vapor.

Rue Huguerie, Bordeaux, France    6:04pm   June 1, 2014

Metropolitana, Rome, Italy    7:54pm   June 24, 2008

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